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PROJECT: GSE In roof system 4.07 kWp. Longframlington, Northumberland

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Buying Solar Panels are they worth it?

Solar panels provide you with energy independence and can reduce your energy bills considerably.

As the power generated by solar panels is from a renewable and sustainable source you’ll be reducing the carbon footprint of your home and helping to create a greener tomorrow.

Also, by taking steps to making your house more energy efficient you may find that solar photovoltaic panels can provide the bulk of your electricity. And your system will save you money year after year. 

You probably know that solar energy can be turned into electricity by using solar panels, but there’s another popular application to the sun’s power.

Solar thermal technologies, in fact, turn sunlight into heat instead of power and were actually the first solar energy products to be commercialised in the UK.

A solar PV system will benefit you and the environment, with potential savings to be made.

With energy prices always on the increase, why not take back control. Solar PV with battery storage.

You will also be less reliant on fossil fuels, reducing your carbon footprint, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The many benefits of installing a solar PV include:

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Solar battery storage is the smart way to make your solar system work for you

You can store the surplus solar energy generated during the day to use it later on when the sun has gone down.

With this ability coupled with the option of grid trading to sell your surplus energy, battery storage is the best investment to massively reduce your electricity bills moving forward.


Energy prices go up constantly, and at a higher rate than the increase in average earnings. By putting your stored energy to use, you'll soon see your bills looking a lot smaller.


Battery storage is a great money saver as you can use your stored energy in the evenings instead of drawing it from your supplier.


Solar battery storage takes you one step closer to energy independence, and also protects you from the problems that come with brownouts and blackouts.


Software updates can be done easily over the internet without you having to lift a finger. As technology advances your system will continue to improve and become an even more valuable investment.