Solar Panel Maintenance North East

Maximise the performance of your solar panels and optimise your return on investment by utilising our professional solar panel maintenance services.

PROJECT: Working with Northumberland Council at Ellington Primary school. Relocated solar PV Modules from flat roof to pitched roo

Solar Maintenance Service

PROJECT: SUEZ Waste Recycling, Sleekburn, Northumberland, 250kWp

What can you anticipate from our solar PV operations and maintenance (O&M) service? Our team is prepared to visit your business or organisation’s premises to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your solar energy system. Below are some of the solar PV system checks that will be included in the service:

  • Complete visual site inspection
  • Visual assessment for panel shading (utilising drone technology)
  • Report on roof condition and examination for panels that have shifted or moved out of alignment (utilising drones)
  • Drone-based visual inspection of modules, mounting system, DC cable, and containment
  • Evaluation and testing of inverters
  • AC electrical testing
  • DC assessments
  • Examination of protection devices, and more

Essential regular maintenance checks

After the initial installation of your Solar Panels, they undergo thorough checks to ensure optimal performance and return on investment. However, as time passes, various factors can lead to degradation in the performance of solar panel systems. This is where regular maintenance checks become essential.

The importance of routine maintenance checks includes:

      • Ensuring the longevity of your solar PV system
      • Maximising the return on your investment
      • Achieving a quicker payback on your system cost
      • Meeting insurance requirements
      • Safeguarding employees and maintenance technicians from electrical hazards

PROJECT: SUEZ Waste Recycling, Sleekburn, Northumberland, 250kWp

About Our Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance Service Package

Signs indicating the need for PV panel maintenance include a decrease in energy output compared to the initial installation. This may result from panel damage caused by storms or debris, accumulation of dirt over time, or malfunctioning inverters that require repair or replacement.

Our company offers comprehensive solar panel repair and maintenance services. If your solar panel system requires cleaning or repairs, we are here to assist you. We specialise in replacing damaged solar panels and repairing or replacing solar inverters. Following our initial assessment, we can provide you with a customised quote.

In addition to repairs, we also provide solar panel cleaning services to remove dirt and debris from your panels. Some solar panel owners face challenges with birds, such as pigeons and seagulls, nesting in or soiling their panels. Our team can install bird deterrent systems to address this issue effectively.

Whether you are encountering issues with your solar PV system or simply want to ensure its optimal performance, feel free to reach out to us today.


Reach out to us today to receive a detailed list or to discuss our solar panel maintenance and servicing packages

PROJECT: SUEZ Waste Recycling, Sleekburn, Northumberland, 250kWp